Eight Tips for Buying a House During Times of Crisis


Recession. Natural Disaster. Pandemic. These are experiences that put people to the test, and we all handle them in different ways. Some of us squirrel away every penny. And some of us… buy property! If you’re eyeballing the historically low interest rates and have enormous faith in your real estate agent, here are eight tips for buying a house during times of crisis. Spoiler — these insider secrets come from our very own Leonard Steinberg at Compass, who has put

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A Solution to the Parking Woes in San Francisco Condos


We recently wrote about a handy mail service that everyone needs to know about, and now we’re shining a spotlight on a genius little app that single-handedly solves parking headaches at San Francisco condos. Because let’s be real — as long as condos have been around, so have their parking issues. Enter Parkade. Smart. Simple. Parkade is bringing parking nirvana to condos across San Francisco. And it makes sense. The app makes it easy for condos to easily share parking,

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Mad Rush from San Francisco? Not So Fast


If you missed the short, snappy Bloomberg piece about wealthy havens luring homebuyers in a mad rush from San Francisco, and you didn’t happen to see its frenzied shares across other media, that’s probably a good thing. The trouble with a headline on a story like that it’s quick to catch fire — and it’s only part of the story. The Bigger Picture Compass’ chief market analyst for the Bay Area, Patrick Carlisle, was interviewed and quoted for the piece.

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4 Things Mortgage Brokers Want you to Understand about Getting a Loan or Refinancing During the Pandemic


COVID-19 is a pretty serious curve ball to just about everyone. For prospective homeowners in particular, it complicates every step of the home buying process. That includes the finance side of things. If you’re getting a loan or refinancing during the pandemic, here are four things to understand right out of the gate. Great Rates, Complex Process Yes, interest rates are at historic lows. In fact, last week they just hit a new all-time low. Unfortunately, securing a loan at these

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