Five Things San Francisco Homebuyers Should Understand During the Coronavirus Pandemic


As we collectively adjust to what can and can’t be done with shelter-in-place orders in effect, you may have questions. While I can’t answer them all, I can offer my perspective on real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are five things San Francisco homebuyers should know about looking for properties during the coronavirus pandemic. Can You Buy During a Shelter-in-Place Order? Yes! While traditional open houses and multi-people tours may be a thing of the past, the market

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Can I Sell My San Francisco Home During the Shelter-in-Place Order?


If you have to sell your San Francisco, Bay Area home, you probably have questions. Number one — can you sell your home during the state’s shelter-in-place order, which has been extended through the end of May? While each county has adopted slightly different rules the answer is yes. But there are caveats. Real Estate as an Essential Business On March 17, the shelter-in-place directive went out to San Francisco and five of the nine other counties that comprise the

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Everyone Needs to Know about this Free Mail Service

As the country continues its adjustment to our new normal — virtual meetings, social distancing, and the six-foot rule — we’re all looking for new ways to do our part. This little-known service from United States Postal is completely free and dovetails nicely into our new normal.   It’s Called Informed Delivery Intended to manage mail when people travel or for those fortunate to have second homes, Informed Delivery is working wonders these days. Simply put, the services gives you a

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15 Minutes to Zen — A Guided Meditation

In a time when stress is at an all-time high, there’s something to be said for spending fifteen minutes just breathing. Last week, I shared a list of actions to be taken if you can’t make your rent or mortgage payments and today, I’m offering another resource. Research shows meditation can serve as a quick-fix stress buster to reverse the body’s stress response, putting you in a calmer state of mind to face challenges with a healthy attitude. On Friday

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