San Francisco Bay Area Housing Market Reports — A Deep Dive


The San Francisco Bay Area covers a lot of ground, meaning there are all kinds of submarkets with their own unique trends and statistics that influence the region’s overall numbers. Today, we’re giving those chart junkies a deeper dive into the numbers with this look at San Francisco Bay Area housing market reports. Quick note — the vast majority of the information below reflects overall trends for the entire region, so keep that in mind. Home Value Appreciation This chart

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6 Truths to Understand if You’re Buying a Home in San Francisco


For years now, the San Francisco housing market has been its own animal. Buying a home is the Bay Area is simply a different experience. If you’re gearing up to dive in, or you’re already in the thick of it, here are six truths to understand about buying a home in San Francisco. Listing prices are usually just marketing prices. It’s common practice around here for homes to sell over asking price — well over. Bidding wars aren’t necessarily the goal,

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Compass Concierge — Flip Your Own Home, With Our Help

Ten years ago, the idea of the fixer-upper was appealing to a lot of buyers. But the dated “before” look is a huge turn-off these days, at least in the pricey Bay Area, where people who can afford to buy generally have more money than time. The majority of buyers aren’t into the idea of sweat equity — they’re looking for as close to move-in ready as they can get, and they aren’t interested in inheriting your never-ending fix-it list

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