Annual 2019 Median Home Prices in the Bay Area Went Down — And Up


For a record-breaking seven years beginning in 2011, median home prices in the Bay Area went up (and up). But 2019 proved to be a bit of an outlier. Depending on when you looked during that twelve-month span, median home prices went down a bit, went up a bit, or didn’t really change much at all in comparison to 2018. Makes complete sense, right? Let’s break it down for some much-needed clarification. A Big Spring, But Then… If you rack

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Understanding Your Home’s Positioning — And How Best to Leverage It


In the world of real estate, “positioning” is a marketing term that describes the art of knowing which space a certain property fills in a given market, and taking that message to the right people. But there’s another, more literal definition to the idea of positioning — how your home is literally positioned. It plays a significant role when you’re buying, and it’s important when you’re selling too. Here’s how to understand your home’s positioning — and how best to

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Practical Advice for Moving In Together (Finally)


At some point in a couple’s life, it becomes apparent to both parties that having their own space no longer outweighs the double rent and the constant shuttling across town. That’s as true in Podunk, Mississippi, as it is here in San Francisco. But word to the wise — timing is everything, and that’s especially true when it comes to the big move-in decision. No matter how alluring your partner’s place, or how much money you’d both save, the commitment

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San Francisco’s IPO Effect, Revisited


Late last spring, the big buzz in San Francisco real estate was about all the newly-minted millionaires from area IPOs and how that influx of cash would impact the local housing market. At the time, major publications bested one another with breathless predictions of skyrocketing prices targeting this new class of buyers. Agents in the city had a more pragmatic approach, but really, it was a wait-and-see moment. And since hindsight is 20/20, let’s revisit San Franciso’s IPO effect. A

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