The San Francisco Real Market — Where the Only Certainty is Uncertainty


A lot of time and energy is spent dissecting real estate markets around the country, and that’s particularly true here in San Francisco. Between the national media breathlessly updating the world on the city’s admittedly staggering cost of living or its latest IPOs, and locals just trying to make sense of a market that’s unlike anywhere else, it’s easy to feel a little lost. A recent article in the Examiner hit the nail perfectly on the head when it comes to real estate in

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The Real Urban Forest — Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits of Trees in the City


Pop quiz. What’s more important to a community’s quality of life — the built infrastructure of buildings and streets, or the green infrastructure of trees, shrubs, and plants? You could argue it either way, but there’s no denying the role trees in particular play in a city. From softening the aesthetics of development to cooling streets and buildings to filtering air pollution, trees make everything better. Let’s dive into the economic, environmental, and social benefits of trees in the city. Economic Benefits

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Never Skip Staging — Tips from a San Francisco Real Estate Insider


Anecdotal evidence and hard stats are clear — staging a home absolutely helps it sell faster. And by staging, I don’t mean cookies in the oven and a few extra throw pillows here and there. True home staging is its own kind of art, transforming your home into a tasteful, inviting space that’s full of potential for anyone who walks in the door. After 25 years selling homes in San Francisco, I’ve had the good fortune of working with professional stagers who know

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