Inherited a House? Why a Real Estate Agent is Your Best Resource


The death of a loved one is enough of a challenge all by itself. But add an inherited home to the mix, and things can become overwhelming – fast. In addition to squabbles between heirs, attachments to a variety of “things” that may have been left behind, and emotions running on high, there can also be miles of red tape to navigate. So what’s the smartest first move? You might be surprised that an experienced real estate agent is the best person

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The Ten Best Bay Area Cities for Living if You’re Stuck with the SF Commute


Breaking news – Bay Area commutes are the worst in the country. Who knew!? I’m guessing the 7.15 million Bay Area residents are all too familiar with commute times, which factor heavily into the local decision about where to live (along with median home price, schools, and crime). PropertyShark recently compiled a list of the ten best Bay Area cities for living if you’re stuck with the SF commute. Here’s the rundown. 10. San Leandro With an average commute time

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Looking for the Right Home in the Bay Area? Start with the Right Agent


The internet is a wonderful, crazy thing. We have so much information at our fingertips! And assuming you use it sensibly, the web can be an excellent source of data when you’re house hunting here in San Francisco or anywhere around the world. But no matter how amazing the web can be, it’s no substitute for an agent who knows their territory. The right agent can help you identify – and buy – among all your choices the best home

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Moving? Staying? You Need These Tips for Spring Cleaning Either Way


Here’s something funny. I’ve heard people walking through their staged, hyper-clean, ready-to-show home admiring it like they haven’t lived there for the last twelve years. But you don’t have to wait until you’re actually leaving to be really impressed by your bright, clean, airy home. If you’re moving and doing everything under the sun to put your home’s best foot forward, or you just want to live in a beautiful, bright, clean space, you need these tips for spring cleaning.

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