SF-Lowest Percentage of Homes Underwater in the Bay Area

The SF Chronicle put out an article about the percentage of homes that are still underwater according to Zillow (for what that’s worth). The useful part is that SF has the lowest percentage of anyplace in the Bay Area. Bay Area home values rise overall, Zillow finds[SF Chronicle]

High Tech Parking Meters Premiere in San Francisco

Find parking faster. Pay more easily. Avoid tickets. SFMTA’s SFpark project is a two-year federally funded pilot of new parking management technologies and approaches. Less circling and fewer double-parked cars give us cleaner air and safer streets for bicyclists and pedestrians. With less traffic, public transit and emergency vehicles move more easily.  The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will roll out the first large-scale test of SFpark in the Hayes Valley neighborhood just west of City Hall with the installation

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Calif Revokes Real Estate Licenses Right and Left

The California Department of Real Estate said Wednesday it revoked a record number of real estate licenses in its most recently completed fiscal year. The department revoked 633 licenses for cause in the 12 months ended June 30, up from 574 in the prior-year period, the state said. It also collected 90 licenses surrendered by real estate professionals facing disciplinary action and 163 from individuals who had their license suspended. In all, 886 real estate brokers and others licensed in

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SF Association of Realtors Rolls Out New District Map August 10th

The San Francisco Association of Realtors is slated to release the new district/neighborhood map at the end of the summer. Boundaries are changing whether we like it or not. A summary of the changes are listed by Socketsite: Boundary Changes ∙ 5a (Glen Park) expands to include portions of 4s (Sunnyside), 4h (Miraloma Park) and 5c (Noe Valley). ∙ Dividing line between 5c (Noe Valley) and 9c (Inner Mission) moves from Guerrero to San Jose between 24th St to 26th St.

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Be the King of your Own Castle….and bottle your own spring water too!

On the market for almost a year now (beginning asking price $2,950,000 and currently listed at $1,799,000),  the Albion Castle is an anomaly in San Francisco with a rich history, waiting for an eccentric buyer with vision, and a good business plan. Despite its long history and six-story stone tower, most residents of San Francisco, even those that drive by it daily, have no idea that Albion Castle exists. Built in 1870 by John Hamlin Burnell, a young English immigrant with

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