The Giant Pool of Money – The Hands-Down Best Explanation of the Credit Crisis

I’ve read more articles and descriptions of the Sub-Prime Mortgage Mess and current ‘credit crisis’ than I care to admit. It wasn’t that I was looking for answers myself, per se. And I always felt I had a fairly good handle on what went down from having witnessed it, more or less, from my front row seats. Really, I kept looking because I was searching for someone, intelligent – neutral and capable of telling the story in its entirety in

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To Rent Control or Not to Rent Control – That is the Question – Prop 98 Heats Up

From today’s SFGate, Proposition 98 was written as a restriction on eminent domain that would prohibit the government from taking property for the benefit of a private party. Opponents say it would do far more: define “private” and “take” in terms so broad as to effectively overturn the state’s approach to managing development and affordability. The clause attracting the most attention is one that would ban government-imposed limits on what landlords can charge tenants. The change wouldn’t affect existing leases,

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Individual Tax Bills for Tenancies in Common One Step Closer

As we first reported back in September of last year (courtesy of the ‘head’s up’ from Gordon over at Plan C), it looks as though Phil Ting from the San Francisco Real Estate Assessor office is looking to make good on his offer to help clarify the oft confusing, record keeping nightmare facing many Tenancy in Common owners come tax time. As it stands, there is one stunning tax bill sent out to all Tenancies in Common, regardless of how

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