15 Minutes to Zen — A Guided Meditation

In a time when stress is at an all-time high, there’s something to be said for spending fifteen minutes just breathing. Last week, I shared a list of actions to be taken if you can’t make your rent or mortgage payments and today, I’m offering another resource. Research shows meditation can serve as a quick-fix stress buster to reverse the body’s stress response, putting you in a calmer state of mind to face challenges with a healthy attitude. On Friday mornings at 10 am PST, you need 15 minutes, a chair, a phone, and an open mind.

The Power of Meditation

The body’s innate response to stress is known as the fight-or-flight response. In a true emergency, an extreme stress response can be an actual lifesaver. But staying in this heightened state is physically damaging, causing chronic headaches, digestive issues, muscle pain, insomnia, lowered immune system, low libido — the list goes on. Meditation triggers the body’s relaxation response, which launches its own cascade of effects. Even just a few minutes restores the body to a calmer state by banishing stress-induced thoughts and relaxing the body. Building meditation into a habit brings about even bigger benefits by helping you build resilience.

One of my superpowers is my ability to meditate for hours and days at a time. But my kryptonite is creating the time and space to do it on my own. If you’ve been meaning to try meditation but don’t know where to begin, or if you understand the challenge of making it a priority, join me! There’s no time like the present, and now seems like a particularly appropriate time to start a healthy new habit.

The Details

Every Friday mornings at 10 am PST, I’m leading a simple 15-minute meditation. Anyone is welcome, and our small group is already growing. Join us by calling 775.210.5151 — no pin required — and we’ll spend 15 minutes breathing, relaxing, controlling what we can, and letting go of what we can’t.

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